Pneumatic Active skimmer« SPP-2’’ COMBO »

The pneumatic active skimmer provides the new and the more effictive
way to remove LNAPL from underground water. This system bring
together two efficient technologies :

Pneumatic pump type SPP-2’’ : Entirely automatic, the SPP-2 pump is
regulate by an internal float. The pump automatically stop when there is not
enough product and restart when the product arrive again.
Gravity Skimmer SPG-2’’ : Gravity skimmer allows to recover all flotable
product from the interface (Water/ LNAPL) The system can follow the water
fluctuation on 45 cm.
How it works :
The Gravity skimmer recover all LNAPL product from the interface. The product
go down by gravity into the pneumatic pump. When the pump is full, the internal
float come in contact with the mecanism and open the air pressure. The
product is discharge through the center pipe to the surface. The system is
working by cycle and is entireley independant. The Pneumatic acitve skimmer
SPP-2Combo can recover LNAPL product for 30-40 meters down with an
efficiency of 0,5 mm.
Performances and Technical benefits :
Performances :

  • Air pressure : 5 bars
  • Interface product (LNAPL) : 20 cm
Depth of installation Flow Rate (m3/h)
2 meters 0,175 m3/h
20 meters0,144 m3/h
40 meters 0,126 m3/h

Technical Benefits :

  • Low air Consumption -the system automatically stop when no product arrive
  • Possibility to follow the water interface fluctuation.
  • High Flow rate (depending of the quantity of product to recover)
  • Low maintenance and simple to install.
  • Can be installed in 50 mm (2’’) wells.
  • Possibility to remove the skimmer and to use the Pneumatic pump only for
    Total Fluid recovery.
  • Maximum deepth of installation : 40 meters.