Pneumatic pump SPP4 Mini-BL

Material :
SS 304 Casing, Delrin Foot valve, SS304 Inlet bottom screen, Reinforced Epxoy float, Delrin
mecanisms, SS316 spring, SS316 Non return valve, SS316 Conectors barbs for air in, exhaust air
and Discharge
Our pumps have 2 years warranty on parts.

Inlet prodcut ØD Total ØDLength
Bottom loading 8,9 cm8,9 cm75 cm
Total length WeightFlow rateVolume /cycle
87 cm 6 kg24 L/min1,5 l
Depth max Air pressure maxH.M.A mini Coeff. multiplicateur
60 m 8 bars30 cm4

Technical specification of test
Air consumption : 4 m3/h for 1m3/h of water.
Air pressure of test : 6 bars.