Pneumatic Active SkimmerSPP3-RSS & SPP4-RSS

Dedicate for LNAPLs recovery in wells and piezometers

The Pneumatic Active skimmers model SPP-RSS are composed as follows :
-Pneumatic pump SPP3-TL (Top loading) or SPP4-TL : The pneumatic pumps SPP are in TL
version (top loading) and are design for skimming products (LNAPLs) or Total recovery. These SPP
pumps are fully automatic and pneumatic and ATEX Certifed.
-Skimmer RSS : Specific membrane (Oléophile/Hydrophobic) « SILMEM™ » allow to recover only
hydrocarbons at the interface (LNAPLs). This membrane is dedicated for light oil such as (unleaded,
,gazole, kérozen, etc) – The RSS membranes are fully automatic and very efficient..

The Pneumatic active skimmers is lowered into the well or piezometer at the interface (Oil/water).
The RSS membrane must be located at the right place to recover the maximum of product.
The product fall down into the pump by gravity and rises the internal float of the pump to
the triggering of the pump.
The product is then forced back to the surface.

-Allows selective recovery directly in boreholes or piezometers,
-Fully automatic and pneumatic – ATEX Certified
-Low maintenance and easy to install

RSS MEMBRANE™ Length of the membrane 0,45 m
Length of the membrane 0,45 m
Length of the membrane 0,45 m
Length of the membrane 0,45 m
O.D 3’’ 3’’4’’4’’
Volume /cycle (liter) 0,
Depth of installation50 50 50 50
Weight79 9 12