Skimming system combining two technologies that are already very effective on depollution sites:
Pneumatic pump SPP-2’’ :
Fully automatic pump with internal float control. The pump stops automatically when there is no more product and starts when the product reappears.
Membrane Skimmer RSS25’’ :
Oleophilic / hydrophobic SILMEM ™ membrane for the selective recovery of light supernatant hydrocarbons (fuel, diesel, super, etc.). No more moving parts, simple, robust and precise skimming down to the film
An oleophilic/hydrophobic membrane is installed at the interface (water/hydrocarbon). The product then descends by gravity into the pneumatic pump. When the pump is full, the internal mechanism opens the compressed air and then pushes the product to the surface. Fully autonomous, the SPP-RSS25’’ skimming system can recover products at depths of approximately 30 meters in piezometers of 50mm (I.D) and more.

Type admission Pompe Ø.D ØD. TotalLength
Membrane Oléophile Silmem™ 30 cm / 50 cm

4,5 cm 4,5 cm77,5 cm
Total lengthVolume/cycleAir pressure
Depth maxi
146 cm 0,3 litres 5-6 bars40 mètres

Technical Advantages :

  • Low air consumption (stopping the pump when there is no more product)
  • Monitoring of groundwater variations. Maximum immersion 0.6 m
  • Skimming Accuracy = Up to the Film
  • Low upkeep and maintenance. Robust and reliable equipment.
  • Simple installation in boreholes or piezometers of at least 2”.
  • Possibility of removing the skimming system to operate only with the pump.
    Two devices in one.
  • Delivery height up to approximately 40 meters.